February 2008


Are you always tired? Consider yourself a couch potato? Do you constantly procrastinate with EVERYTHING you have to do? Hate unnecessary movements? Congratulations, you just might be LAZY! Don’t worry, in society this day and age there is no one who does not love a day of doing nothing. Sit back and relax but don`t forget to pay your bills on time! (And yes, as you can tell I am being lazy with this post).

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! That’s right Mr. Theory-of-Evolution turned 199 today! I personally think that it’s a great achievement.. I can’t even imagine being 199 years old. Good on you Darwin! Many “Darwinists” are taking advantage of this birthday to begin the plans for his 200th birthday celebration. I’m excited to see what they will plan. If you do not believe in the Theory of Evolution, that fine, I respect your point of view. This…