Remember that furry toy back in the 90’s that you could call your friend? I’m not talking about your Tamagotchi or Digipet, it’s probably not what you’re thinking either. The new Furby is back and better than ever in version 2, or should I say erm, the new “high tech” version.

Old school, version 1.0 (1998)

The Furby Is Back Old

Version 2.0 (2012)

The Furby Is Back

For those looking to relive those childhood memories, the Furby is revamped to the point where you can’t turn it off from talking – not that it would ever be a problem. Based on the video below, it has sensors that can detect its orientation, communicate with an iOS verison which lets you “feed” your Furby, dance to music (by the far the best feature ever!) and communicate with other Furbies in Furbish. Expect the new Furby to be out in September 2012 at $60. Which do you like better?

Source: Furby returns, iOS app and all: Hands on with the 2012 version (CNet News)


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