About Us

We just had to include a page like this on our blog. We want to get known out there right? Ha!

Who are we?
That’s kind of a silly question but I’m glad you asked! Both Raf and Rambo contribute to the blog’s main activity. We are weirdos with an opinion on just about everything, so deal with it. We have alter egos. We often impersonate others in the form of gangsters to nerds to famous people and everything in between. We like to have fun and rant.

In the near future, we may include other contributors, but for now the world is ours!

What in the world is pikism?!
The idea of pikism was conceived by both Rambo and Raf. Originally starting off as PIK (Partners in Krime), and having no luck finding a domain name that was readily available, we decided to choose this name. You can think of pikism as a religion, something in which you have to believe. Well not really.. we’re just kidding about that! Holla balla!

What is the point of this blog?
What’s the point of any blog really? The point of this blog is to post about life in the hood, how we do things, and how life is hard. No, seriously…

But realistically speaking, this blog is the personal space of Raf and Rambo. It allows us to post our thoughts and opinions in the way we want to the public. Although some of our things may be well thought out, it’s purpose is not to offend anyone. Think about it as going to the washroom, yeah that was going a little far.

Nuff said, we’ll keep you all posted.