Who enjoys going to the dentist where they use sharp utensils to look at your teeth or drill around to check for cavities? I’m pretty sure that no one, no matter where you are in the world, enjoys this happening to you. Why would you?

Dr. Shah, a dentist who practices dentistry at Zen Family Dental in Ashland, MA, United States has found a clever marketing strategy to bring patients into his office. For all you gamers, this might be the perfect opportunity to get a free cleaning if you’re good at playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In his 14 second advertisement on YouTube, he says that if you beat him, the cleaning will be free, but if you lose, you have to tell everyone that you lost playing to a dentist.

If you ask me, that isn’t such a bad tradeoff. Going to the dentist is expensive in itself, whether you’re paying out of pocket or through a benefits plan. We all know how much they charge insurance companies.

Ready to bring back those Gamecube days and put your skills to the test? This might be a challenge for you. Which character will you choose to beat the dentist?

Can you beat this dentist at Smash?

Source: https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/beat-this-dentist-at-smash-bros-and-win-a-free-dental-cleaning/


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