From time to time me and Rambo will take a look at the statistics of the website just to get an idea of how were doing in terms of performance. Were doing pretty good in terms of visitors.. thanks for asking! One thing I noticed in particular however while looking at the statistics was that someone was looking for the ‘pikism definition’ from Google (source referrer).

So to get the facts straight, here’s a definition of pikism.

For the record, the word pikism is one created by both Raf and Rambo in 2007. It was a rather spontaneous word creation if I may add so myself! We can look at pikism as being similar to that of a religion such Sikhism, or Christianity. Much like a religion/belief, we want others to have to similar beliefs to that of our own. We’re pretty just considered the leaders. PIK means ‘partners in crime/krime.’ We simply decided to add -ism to the end to make it sound more interesting.

pikism – A belief in opinions and ideas established by Raf and Rambo.

Nuff’ said.


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