Whether your into games or not, I wouldn’t really be offended. A game that has been taking my time as of recently though is the newly released (well somewhat) new Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the Nintendo DS. Square Enix (formely Squaresoft) has once again done a good job! I remember back in the day when Final Fantasy Tactics could be found on the Gameboy Advance, it’s quite similar but I happen to like the overall graphics found on the Nintendo DS version.  Although the game itself trails away from the initial concept of Final Fantasy being strictly an RPG (Role Playing Games), tactics redefines that concept and works upon in many ways, but just improving it!

When you’re playing the game though, you really have to time on your hand. Some battles can take quite a bit of it so be prepared!

With that said, my short, and mini review of a good game that’s out for the Nintendo DS right now. What are you waiting for, if your a FF fan, you’ve got to get it!


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