In today’s society, the only thing that matters is TIME. Everything else goes according to that. Think about it. Seriously think about it.

Time has been the one thing that restrains us from doing or achieving something. A prime example of it is education. Why not begin high school at the age of 4? The reason being that a child’s brain has not had enough time to develop and absorb the information needed to be at that standard level.

Time is also a huge factor in keeping the economy running. Businesses open at a certain time and generally closes at another. We pay for time for a service, time for renting a place to live or stay, time to enjoying what life has to give us.

But what is time? I certainly cannot define it clearly enough in my mind to explain in words. Or maybe I just have not had enough time to think it through.

Why is there never “enough time“? Why do we need time? Why do we wait for time? Why not live in the moment? Why not stop wasting time and do what we really want?

Sure there are restraints, but I dare everyone who reads this to accomplish something that they’ve been waiting to do. No more excuses, don’t wait until it’s too late.

We don’t have all the time in the world because we don’t know how much time the world has. Now go and fight time and STOP WAITING, LIVE NOW.


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  1. How true, it’s all about time these days! You can never have enough.

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