I’m not really a fan of iPhones, but I will admit that I’m a fan of Apple products in general, such as the Macbook, Apple TV, Mac OS, and the list goes on.

For those who haven’t heard, Apple recently released their new iPhone, appropriately titled the iPhone 4. There is a lot to be excited about, including the overall design and software changes.

One thing that really got to me was just how fragile the iPhone product line looked. Sure it has a sleek look to it and that’s great and all, although it looks like one of those things that when dropped on the floor it will break easily — that’s always been one of my biggest fears when it comes to phones that are completely touchscreen. This time around, the iPhone looks solid and I’m absolutely loving the design.

I’ve never owned an iPhone before, I’ll stick to my BlackBerry thank you very much, but here are some of the features that got me interested for a non-iPhone user.

  • Facetime – It amazes me that something like this didn’t exist before, or at least in a way that could easily be integrated into a phone seamlessly. After hearing about this feature, I did some research to see how this technology worked exactly. I could imagine using this to talk to relatives that live overseas and have a face-to-face-like conversation, but unfortunately there are some downfalls to Facetime. In order for this work, you must have Wifi available and you must also already be having a phone conversation with the other individual at the same time. What if we applied this in technicality, long distance calls, plus having to stay in an area that has Wifi (not always possible)? Using Facetime is probably suited more for individuals or business that would like to have conversations locally or nationwide. I can’t imagine how much the phone companies would need to charge the customers if the actual video feed was running on their 3G networks.
  • HD Video Recording – Another feature to get excited about is HD video recording. Don’t have a video camera to shoot videos which you can upload to Youtube? No problem, the new iPhone can help you with that. I will admit that the quality is not the greatest after viewing some videos recorded with the iPhone on Youtube, however the quality was reasonable enough coming from a cellphone.
  • 5 megapixel Camera – Who would have thought that cellphones these days would have camera’s built into them. I remember the days when you could purchase even a 4 MP digital camera and pay hundred of dollars, but now you have one built into a cellphone.

Despite the many downfalls prior to the launch of the iPhone 4 and even upon release, I’m sure that all the other changes that have been made will win some people over including myself. It’s a shame that the white version of the iPhone has been delayed, either way I like both colors.

Would you keep your existing iPhone or get the new one? Post your comments below.


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