It’s been a while since I posted, I do apologize for my temporary absence. Life has really taken the best of me at the moment, but here I am once again to post about something interesting I would say.

As mentioned, it’s interesting when you read stories about “accidental” things happening, especially when it comes to popular consumer products like the iPhone, Macbooks, or anything Apple for that matter. Now if something odd or rare is found with them, someone just has to report it, meaning spreading whatever information they possibly can online or by other means.

One story in particular however has hit the news, and it’s the accidental picture taken in an Apple factory (Foxconn in Shenzhen) that produces iPhones. That accident you ask? Well someone forgot to the delete a picture taken of them from the iPhone upon completion of quality control. Honest mistake right? We think so.

The phone that contained the picture was then sold within Britain, and shortly after the purchase that picture found it’s way to the internet and bam! The woman who had a picture taken with the peace sign is now a celebrity with her own rights. It has gotten to the point that people recognize her face on the streets.

Luckily, the company which operates the factory has agreed not to disclose any of her personal information. So she’s a celebrity, just one without a name, and technically happened overnight. Sounds cool!

Apparently these kind of things are starting to gain more momentum.

Source: Switched (Evan Shamoon)


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