Living in a world that we do today, many of us rely on public transportation (including myself). There are times when public transportation can be considered a good thing. Not only do we save money getting to places, we’re doing some good for the environment, or so they say?

There are times however where I can safely say that I really hate public transportation system, or rather how it functions. As you can already tell, this post is more of a rant, but that’s the freedom of speech right?

What frustrates me the most is how fares increase for these transportation systems, but to only find out that it’s services have gotten even more crappier? Wouldn’t you expect the services to get better especially if people are paying more to use the service? I would think so, ever since the fare has increased, I’m waiting a lot longer to get somewhere as opposed to before when the fare was lower. That makes no sense!

Now I know what your thinking, why hate on the public transportation? Well I don’t. When you are expected to pay more for something, you should expect to get something at least a little better back especially since it’s a service for the public. Possibly more frequent bus service, not less?

So what’s the point of this post? If you believe that your public system isn’t doing their job, or even maybe not doing it right, complain, rant, bitch if you have to! Because if no one does, then change cannot happen. One person can make a difference, but the more you have who bitch, the better! So go out and make that difference, complain.


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  1. A Bus: the roar of a powerful engine with truck-sized wheels and a hint of a rotting sandwich hidden under a seat… ah, public transportation!

    But yes, onto the more serious matter. Complaining for your rights is an absolutely admirable action but perhaps the increase of fares may be used to benefit other aspects of the service? Though it is quite odd for a bus service to decrease in speed and frequency..

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