I have a little problem with people who demand respect but do not give it out themselves. Okay okay, it’s not a LITTLE problem it’s a BIG one. I really wish that some people would realize that they are not liked because of their attitude.

Sure, there are people who don’t give two damns about what others think, but give me a break, everyone cares to a certain degree about what others think about them. Even if you don’t care at least try to be respectful of your colleagues so that they will not form unofficial clubs of hatred towards you.

Gaining and losing respect are related but completely different. To earn trust and respect involves doing the same for others first. To lose it, is to be in a manner where one acts as if they are better than everyone else and obviously uses others for their personal gain. (The correct way is to subliminally use others.) And of course not admitting that you are wrong. Oh and thinking that you know it all, when you don’t because you are new to the company or group.

Enough ranting. This is a post about respect. In conclusion, I realize that the world of work is not a friendly environment (duh) but there are many, many stupid people out there and who do not know what and how how office politics works.

Give a little repect, get a little respect.


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