The Onion is a media association which provides fictitious stories and reports on national, international and entertainment news to the public. The Onion is known for the satirical, savvy and comedic twist on the issues that affect the modern day world. Since its humble beginnings, The Onion, have been publishing newspapers and has recently in the past few years moved onto the Internet and video parodies to get their hilarious news out.

The numbers of readers and viewers continue to grow each and every day. Between the years of 2003 and 2007, the filming of The Onion Movie began. It was released directly to DVD on June 3, 2008. The movie is portrayed as a newscast and follows an anchorman as he struggles to maintain his journalistic integrity while facing a corporate takeover.

During the movie, a plethora of characters and stories are introduced which provide The Onion’s satire and edge but with an interesting twist. It is definitely an unconventional film and absolutely worth watching (intended for viewers over the ages of 18).  It is indeed an excellent film for providing a lighthearted version of the aspects and issues of life.

Although the movie is not directly linked with The Onion itself it is still worth checking out The Onion Movie and The Onion if you enjoy poking fun of today’s pressing issues.

As The Onion’s slogan says it is “America’s Finest News Source”. But some would say that it is “The WORLD’S Best News Source”.

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