Just when you thought they couldn’t do it again… they did. What “it” is, is a tiny portable projector. Yes, the big bulky box that are used for lectures and presentations is now available in pint sized form!

Now, it’s not a new idea but the technology world has really taken the turn towards miniaturizing everything they can get their hands on.

Imagine all the new possibilities.. a visual image can be projected onto any surface providing that it does not reflect. What a crazy concept! Images everywhere? Isn’t that kind of like art in a sense? Portable movie theatres? Could this be the start of a new generation of technological advances? Or will this be another one of those gadgets that no one will ever buy?

I personally wouldn’t buy it because I have no real use for it. At least not yet. I would love to play around with it for a while then go on with my life. But hey, it’s still a cool idea. Who knows what could spawn from this? Maybe a screen-filled world could turn into a projection-filled world? Almost anything is possible. Crazy, crazy world eh?

Original Story: NY Times


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