Hey there and welcome one and all to the show, we’re wired up, fired up… alright enough of that.

This is our first post and we would like to say WELCOME! This blog has been on the drawing board for many years, and finally, it’s open to the public. We’ve decided that December 1st would be our official website launch date. Just as a short synopsis for those that are wondering what’s the purpose of this blog? Well all the information can be found on the About Us page. This page will be updated very often, so don’t forget to come back and check it out!

We encourage everyone to comment on posts that we make and to become interactive with our discussions, even if you don’t exactly agree with what we say. The commentary found on this blog will done by ourselves, Raf and Rambo. Try to keep the comments clean, and remember this really our place for our opinions and to express ourselves!

We’ll keep you all posted, thanks all for coming.



  1. Oh yeah! Our first ever. Momma’s gonna’ be proud.

  2. yay! the product of procrastination =) glad to know it’s going to a good use though and not just sitting around doing nothing. Kind of like what i’m doing now

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