So I decided to format my main desktop computer and get rid of all the clutter that was left on it from previously. It’s running nice and smooth now! I installed the newly released Windows XP SP3 alongside Windows XP Media Center Edition… sorry guys, not much of a Vista fan yet! Everything went fine until I decided to install Windows Live Messenger. But oh, much to my surprise, I couldn’t install it because I had to install a very critical update through Windows Update. Now what could that be? I pretty much have every update installed because of the new service pack, so what is it that Windows is now pestering me to install/update?

That critical update was Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool of course. I had a good laugh because for me to install Windows Live Messenger which is a free application to use, I have to validate my system just to make sure that my Windows version is legitimate. How do the two mix together, besides the fact that their made by the same company?

Regardless of this fact, I had to install the very critical update through Windows Update in order to install Windows Live Messenger. This is only one of the many annoyances that Microsoft will put for us in order to ensure that everyone is using legitimate versions of their products.


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