December 1st is World AIDS Day.

Yes I know that this topic may not relate to some of the readers but I feel that this issue is rarely discussed or rather, it’s a “taboo” issue and should never be mentioned.

AIDS Ribbon

Well I say, screw you all. Everyone deserves a voice and a helping hand. If we cannot accept those with an illness then how can society progress? Ignorance is not the way to go. We must learn to face the truth and stare fear right in the eye and say, “Ima cut you bad.” Well, not exactly like that.. but hopefully you get my drift.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, not Ahh I’m Dead, Shit! I believe that even though there is no absolute cure yet, in the many years to come there will be more and more treatments. But for now, we must remember that AIDS is not to be feared but rather respected. Without understanding, many lives would be in misery and hopelessness.

AIDS is not only related to Africa and the gay community. Even normal everyday straight people in western civilization live with AIDS. This gives even more reason to be aware and gain more knowledge on this topic. The knowledge we gain could save many lives.

Be brave, be strong and most of all do not be ignorant on issues that you’ve been told not to talk about. Because that is just plain stupid. World AIDS Day, remember those who died from it and believe in what the future can bring.

Lastly, use condoms. It could save lives, including yours.



  1. Awesome post Rambo, good way to bring out awareness of aids to the world.

  2. Have you checked out YouthAIDS? Amazing stuff. For all you poptarts out there, Perez Hilton has done some work with them.

    Also I like your choice of links 😀

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