So I’ve been busying myself with this game called Grand Theft Auto.

I’m not sure if you have played it or not, but I believe that this is one of the coolest games ever created!

In GTA, you can walk around pointlessly in the city and shoot up random strangers or gang members. You can drive vehicles such as sports cars, trucks, and even mini-vans. There are many missions that you are supposed to complete, and after each completed task, you get a sum of money that you can use to purchase weapons or whatever suits your need.

There have been many complaints about the amount of violence in GTA. I personally think that the game is violent but in reality, a high percent of the gamers can understand that this is a GAME and not real life. But this game does give the upcoming generation a false sense of being in the “hood” or blowing up cars is what gives them the “good life”.

I have faith that most GTA gamers understand that this is a form and source of entertainment, and is not meant to be a guideline of life.

But going back to the features and such, GTA is a marvel of gaming genius. A combination of rolling around in vehicles and the freedom to roam all over the city brings hours of fun because of the unlimited possibilities.

All in all, the Grand Theft Auto series has brought the world of gaming to a whole new level. The amazing thought out plot lines and the attention to details really make the difference in the eyes of a gamer.

In the future, I will write more about GTA because the series is far from over. This blog was purely an introduction to what I have to say.

If you ever have the chance, play Grand Theft Auto, it is truly worth playing. GTA blog part 2, coming soon… =)



  1. Grand Theft Auto in fact is quite a fun game. I remember back in the day when I played the first version. The graphics have really changed in comparison to now where everything is 3D and you don’t have a on-top-of-the-head view of what your doing which is what it was like.

    However in terms of people knowing that it’s just a game, I really don’t know about that. There actually have been incidents where people have tried to imitate actions from Grand Theft Auto and actually resulted in murders and what not.

    If you keep in mind, back in 2005, something inspired from the game did actually happen.


  2. Rambo

    Nice insight, I understand that point of view where violence has spawned from the game but I don’t think that MOST of the gamers will ever shoot up police officers in their lifetime.

    I will post a full rebuttal soon!

  3. Not necessarily, most people won’t because it’s a game. However there will always be a possibility regardless that inspiration flourishes from a game such as Grand Theft Auto.

    It’s a good thing however that the ESRB ratings for mature people were finally set to 17+, preventing minors from purchasing games involving this kind of violence.

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